Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Here are my impressions of lovely Monaco when I visited during my stint on the Seven Seas Voyager. Enjoy.

Monaco is very much the fairy tale land where street crime is nonexistent and princes marry film stars. The scenery is beautiful in every direction, the gardens expertly manicured and the buildings perfectly maintained. Monte Carlo's "vieux ville" or old town, is the center of the historic district and contains quaint narrow streets leading to the square outside the royal palace. All of it seems to fit perfectly in this postage-stamp principality. More than once I wondered if I had stumbled on to the back lot of a movie studio.

The photos below are of the Cathedral where Grace Kelly and Ranier III were married and are buried, the tomb of Princess Grace, the exterior of the royal palace (I also took a tour of the interior but photos were not allowed), me in the Jardin de Saint Martin overlooking the water, and finally the world famous Casino at Monte Carlo.



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