Thursday, August 10, 2006


Venice has many beautiful sights, not the least of which are the gondoliers. There is much competition for these jobs and the gondoliers themselves must undergo very specific training and pass a rigorous test in order to claim one of these coveted positions. They only have to work three months during the height of the tourist season in order to support themselves all year and along with that comes the reputation for being quite a stud.

This particular tourist attraction has not gone unnoticed by publishers of those beefcake calendars much like you see here in the states where local Firemen pose in order to raise money for some charity. Here is a link to gondolier calendar.

Perhaps even more interesting than the gondoliers is the calendar featuring Italian priests and seminarians. Yes, leave it to the Italians to sexualize even priests. There is no charity that I can see that benefits from the sale of these calendars, but the publisher does include information and historical facts about the Vatican along with the photos lest you question their motives.

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