Sunday, July 30, 2006

Email from Sicily

An excerpt from an email sent back home my first week on the Seven Seas Voyager:
We're in Sicily today. Or rather, the passengers are in Sicily (Taormina) and I'm on the ship rehearsing and having costume fittings. I managed to reward myself with about a half hour of deck time with my book and my camera. I snapped a few pictures which I'll upload on to the computer later. It's truly beautiful here. There is a breathtaking view of Mt. Aetna which is still snow capped just off the ship and all the hill towns and villages lining the coast.
Below is the first email I sent home to family and friends containing some of the much requested photos of my travels:

Hello all--forgive the mass email. Even though we have internet access on the ship, it's not the fastest so it's easier to send pictures a few at a time to everyone. Below are pictures I took from the deck the first week I was on the ship. Enjoy!

Sicily with Mt. Aetna in the background.

Outside Taormina
Taormina, Sicily
Sorrento, Italy



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