Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend in Asbury Park

For the past three summers I've spent a bit of time down in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Asbury Park was once the crowned jewel of the Jersey shore, a beautifully designed town with wide tree-lined avenues running toward the sea, man-made lakes with fountains and situated along side high-tone towns like Deal, Allenhurst and Ocean Grove. However, Asbury fell victim to race riots in the early '70s and the town was never quite the same. In recent years however, Asbury has seen a rebirth. Manhattanites disgusted with the high price of beach front property in the Hamptons and on Fire Island have discovered the potential of Asbury Park with it's dozens of Victorian homes, remnants of a graceful past and fledgling community spirit.

Below are some photos of Asbury's kitschy past, namely, a monument to 1960s architecture in the form of an old Howard Johnson's restaurant right on the Boardwalk, the Wonder Bar with the it's demented smiley face based on an image from the 1920's amusements that used to stand there, some whimsical kites which were on display on the beach this weekend and finally the impressive Paramount Theatre and Convention Center which date from the 1930s.

www.asburyevents.com, www.asburypark.com

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