Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dissension Among the Ranks

With all the anti-gay rhetoric we've heard spewed over the last few months from the likes of Isaiah Washington, Tim Hardaway and Ann Coulter unfortunately there is one more name to add to the Homophobic Hall of Shame: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace who said regarding the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy this week "I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts."

Amazingly, this statement was rebuked by Republican Senator John Warner from Virginia who said: "I respectfully, but strongly disagree with the chairman's view that homosexuality is immoral." (That's right. A Republican--from VIRGINIA!)

Rep. Martin Meehan (D-MA) who has reintroduced legislation which would repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell had this to say: "General Pace's statements aren't in line with either the majority of the public or the military. He needs to recognize that support for overturning (the policy) is strong and growing (and that the military is) turning away good troops to enforce a costly policy of discrimination.''

And cowardly Republican Presidential front runner, Rudy Giuliani who has historically been pro-gay rights issued this unfortunate statement: "We're at war and now isn't the time to question our military's admissions policy." Just in case you needed another reason to dislike Giuliani.

While it's hard to keep score of who is saying what or who is for and who is against these issues, at least there is discussion about them. And when fellow Republicans speak out against discriminatory statements and hate speech, that is real progress. So, Peter Pace, shame on you, but thanks for showing your true colors. It's nice to know not all the rank and file feel the same as you do.
UPDATE 3/14/07: From Former Senator Alan K. Simpson: "As a lifelong Republican who served in the Army in Germany, I believe it is critical that we review -- and overturn -- the ban on gay service in the military." There's only one thing wrong here though--the word "former" before the title of "Senator."

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At 12:14 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

Rudy's a Republican Presidential Candidate. Do you really think he'd rebuke the military establishment? That would be political suicide. But he could've still had an evasive answer without sounding so insensitive (I'm not condoning evasiveness - just attempting to see things through the eye of a candidate). More Republicans are against Pace's statement than are being quoted in the press. But I'm glad that the message is getting out there - that both sides are against this censoriousness of the General. I'm not sure how he can effectively lead our troops once DADT is repealed. He sort of gave his resignation notice without even knowing it IMHO

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Josh, that's exactly my point. Giuliani is well known for his pro-gay record so who does he think he's kidding not coming out against DADT? It's pandering plain and simple. Also, I only know of the Republicans who are being quoted in the press. If there are others who are against DADT why don't they say something?

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

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At 12:32 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I look forward to reading more from any Republicans who will go on the record against Don't Ask Don't Tell.

At 12:36 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

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At 9:00 AM, Blogger Y | O | Y said...

Perhaps the tide is turning our way!

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Donnie said...

Gen. Pace is coming to his retirement and thus, can afford to say what he believes. There's a great divide in the USMC. I'm constraining my opinions to the USMC since I was a USMC "brat" growing up and I live in a Marine Corps town. The higher-ups tow the Admin. line while the majority of Marines I know are gay "in plain sight". It's the elephant in the room nobody speaks of.


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