Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I Love New York

In front of Harry's Shoes
Broadway at 83rd Street

On my way home from the subway recently I saw approaching in the opposite direction what one might describe as a "sweet little old lady". You know the type--hair tinted a subtle shade of lavender blue which she's had washed and set every Tuesday and Saturday at the same "beauty parlor" for the last forty years where she enjoys reading McCalls under the dome of an enormous hairdryer. She was wearing a conservative yet stylish tweed suit which had been expertly tailored to accommodate her slight osteoporosis stoop. She was tastefully accesorized with a single strand of cultured pearls and pearl button earrings. She wore black and tan spectator pumps in the kind of sensible heel only a real New Yorker who actually walks places would choose. Her capacious handbag, probably containing mostly Kleenex and cough drops, dangled from her forearm and, of course, matched her shoes perfectly.

She was dwarfed behind a Cadillac of a walker with a high-tech hand break system and yellow tennis balls affixed to the feet of its front legs. She shuffled along behind this thing wearing the contented expression of someone who'd just come from a lunch spent reminiscing with a dear old friend or perhaps she was just taken with the perfect weather that day. As I passed her on the sidewalk I noticed that attached to the lapel of her lovely tweed suit was a HUGE button emblazoned in big black letters with the words "IMPEACH BUSH".

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At 7:23 PM, Blogger Red7Eric said...

Sounds like my kinda broad. Now THERE'S a diva we can all love ...

Cheers -- R7E

At 11:09 PM, Blogger judy said...

You go, girl! Now, she's who I want to be when I grow up.

Thanks for introducing us to her.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Causal said...

Do-It-Yourself Impeachment, no joke.
The Citizens' movement.

The day the nation demands impeachment is upon us. Sacks and sacks of mail are arriving in congress demanding impeachment via the House of Representative's own rules. This legal document is as binding as if a State or if the House itself passed the impeachment resolution (H.R. 635).

There's a little known and rarely used clause of the "Jefferson Manual" in the rules for the House of Representatives which sets forth the various ways in which a president can be impeached. Only the House Judiciary Committee puts together the Articles of Impeachment, but before that happens, someone has to initiate the process.

That's where we come in. In addition to the State-by-State method, one of the ways to get impeachment going is for individual citizens like you and me to submit a memorial. ImpeachforPeace.org, part of the movement to impeach the president, has created a new memorial based on one which was successful in impeaching a federal official in the past. You can find it on their website as a PDF.


You can initiate the impeachment process yourself by downloading the memorial, filling in the relevant information in the blanks (your name, state, etc.), and sending it in. Be a part of history.



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