Friday, May 16, 2008

Provincetown Playhouse Saved!

I am pleased to report that historic Provincetown Playhouse which was slated for demolition by NYU's expansion plans will be preserved after all. As well it should be! I reported the historical significance of the playhouse in my original post about it as the birthplace of many of Eugene O'Neill's greatest works as well as the plays of Edward Albee, Edna St. Vincent Millay and has always played a prominent role in alternative American theatre.

NYU is now back peddling on their original plans saying they never planned to demolish it and that there is much "misinformation" being reported about the expansion plans which they are trying to clear up. Tell that to the New York Times. I believe they used the word "demolished" in their article on the subject.

According to NYU, they now plan to "preserve the size of the theater along with its four walls, entry way and fa├žade." They will, however, build a structure around it which will supposedly blend with the existing architecture in the area.

The best news about this is not only is it a victory for the American theatre, but a victory for the people as well. Crains reported "Announcements of preliminary plans for the site caused such a flap late last month that playwrights, producers and actors including Blythe Danner, Mercedes Ruehl, Eric Stolz and John Leguizama signing a petition to protest the proposed changes." I like to think my mom's email helped, too!

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At 10:14 AM, Blogger judy said...

Hooray for us! Power to the people! I'm sure it was my letter to the President of NYU that tipped the scale.


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