Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vote Gay!

Regular readers of my blog are familiar with my copious critiques of the American Idol contestants. And, I admit, I get into reality television. But with one qualifier--it has to a creative competition in which contestants are judged on their merits. I do not enjoy those ridiculous shows that demean women by having them compete like cows at a county fair for the alleged love of some well-to-do bachelor (or some has-been rap star--good heavens) which we are all supposed to believe ends in a fairy tale marriage, or those shows where the object of the game is to be as back-stabbing, conniving and manipulative as possible, and the person who is most successful at it wins. They are actually rewarded for this behavior. Then comes the inevitable fan outrage that the nastiest person on the show won the game. Uh--no duh.

Anyway, I try to choose my reality TV carefully. I will not get committed to that many hours of TV unless it's something that actually interests me. For example--Project Runway, yes--Shear Genius, not so much. But one of my favs is Design Star on HGTV. Designers compete to host their own design show on HGTV. One of the contestants who has made it to the final two this year is Matt Locke, pictured above. Now, I'm not encouraging you to vote for him only because he's a sexy gay bear, but also because he's a brilliant designer. Ivy league educated, Matt takes his inspiration from great architecture and innovative design. Some of the design solutions he came up with on the show clearly come from a mind that thinks outside the box. So, yes, as a designer he is deserving of the platform, but also he has charisma, knowledge and skills. AND, yes, he's gay. The point is we need more gay men on television in roles where they are respected for their talents and given a platform to display them, educate and entertain. We have so much talent in our community--surely we deserve to be more than just comic relief or resident drama queen.



At 9:29 AM, Blogger Y | O | Y said...

Don't watch it, but I voted to help you out!

I've gotten sucked into the latest incarnation of Big Brother. Oy.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Diane said...

How is it possible that I have not watched HGTV design star??? By the way, I don't know who's responsible for giving out awards to folks who do great things for the LGBT community in the media, but HGTV deserves like a Nobel Prize for that. Yet another reason I love that network (that and International House Hunters).


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