Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Idol Chat 2008 (Part 4)

We've waited years for this and at long last Dolly Parton acted as mentor to the American Idol kids. While she was a little too good-hearted to offer any real criticism, she brought to the table her considerable catalogue of songs from which the contestants could sing. Across the board they all did well this week--even the ones who are usually lousy--so for a change I was hard pressed to pick a bottom three rather than a top three. But I managed:

Carly Smithson--"Here You Come Again" This girl has such beautiful tone to her voice and proved this week that she's not just a rocker chick. She is a wonderful, sensitive ballad singer as well. The arrangement was great and made me forget all about the Dolly Parton version. She's is a smart competitor choosing songs that show off different sides of her considerable versatality week after week.
David Archuletta--"Smokey Mountain Memories" I said it before and I'll say it again--this kid has the voice of an angel! The first three notes out of his mouth put other singers whole performances to shame. He was wonderful. He's just got "it".
David Cook--"Little Sparrow" I'm chagrinned to include Mr. Smarmy among the top three for the third week in a row. He is not without talent. His song choices are smart, the arrangements unique and he consistently turns in a good performance. The same was true this week. He's good. I guess he's growing on me. It helps that he got a haircut and finally got rid of the Liza Minnelli spit curls.

Ramiele--"Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" I didn't have a problem with the vocal on this so much as I did with her uncomfortable performance. She lacks the polish on stage that should come with a sound as mature as hers. She had no idea what to do with this song. She was trying to look cool or something but singing a full-out, down-home country song so she just looked lost. Commit to the style!
Brooke White--"Joline" I expected a lot from this but was disappointed. Brooke has a lovely presence on stage and a nice voice but not much else. She should stop trying to play an instrument while she sings. She's not a good enough musician--it seems to get in the way every week. I wanted to hear this in a higher key, it sat in an unspectacular place in her voice and she didn't seem to connect with the lyric much at all.
Syesha--"I Will Always Love You" Syesha committed a cardinal sin of American Idol: She sang a Whitney song. Bad move. She looked great and honestly the performance wasn't bad at all, but she was inviting comparisons to Whitney Houston with this and frankly she can't compete. She is very pretty, sings well and looks good on camera, but there's no star quality here.

Based on last night's performances, Ramiele should go. It's only a matter of time anyway. But I wouldn't mind seeing Kristy Lee or Jason Castro get the boot either. They were both decent this week tho.

UPDATE Well, I got two out of the bottom three. Maybe I gave Kristy more credit than she deserved. As I predicted--Ramiele goes home.



At 9:42 AM, Blogger Y | O | Y said...

I agree that Kristy Lee and Jason managed to come through in the pinch so I'm not sure who is gonna go.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger TCho said...

I have to catch the performances on youtube, because I accidently deleted this from my DVR!


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