Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Apple Picking, Take 2

So I thought we'd give the apple picking another go 'round. We were due out at my folks for a visit this past weekend and my sister was going to be there with my niece, so we could fight fire with fire by bringing a child along battling all the other families out there in the orchards. My mother recommended a less busy farm than the one we visited last time. We were glad about that because this being Columbus Day weekend it was like the mall the day after Thanksgiving at some of the other farms. There was even one we passed that required police to keep the traffic moving along out front. Orange cones and traffic whistles kind of ruin the whole pastoral experience of the outing in my opinion. Plus, this farm had horse drawn wagon rides, too, which seemed preferable to the tractor driven variety.

My niece, Charlotte (pictured looking adorable choosing squash in the second photo), is only 18 months old so that sort of dictated the pace and duration of our visit. She began with the wagon ride and then munched on apple cider doughnuts afterward. Guess which one was the bigger hit. We then went through the corn maze (you call it corn, we call it maize)* which went over like a lead balloon. She refused to walk over the dead corn stalks and stared at us all like we'd lost our minds as we carried her through. Then once again in lieu of actually picking apples we hit the pumpkin patch. That was by far the hit of the day. After all, pumpkins are brightly colored and since they're on the ground, easily accessible to a toddler. It works on so many levels. She chose the the perfect pumpkin, we bought some apples and butternut squash (which Scott says I'm supposed to make soup out of) snapped a few photos on a kiddy tractor (which didn't make the cut below) and called it a day. I'll admit it was a lot more fun sharing the experience from a child's perspective and her short attention span made it quick and painless, too.

The photos below are Mellick's Town Farm, Oldwick, NJ, Charlotte with squash, the horse drawn wagon rides, Charlotte chooses the perfect pumpkin, the weather vane atop Mellick's farm (a photo Scott took and insisted I include), and finally Scott and I pose for a deliriously happy ending photo.

*Scott's joke.

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