Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Copenhagen, Denmark

Okay, back to the Baltic. Here is the travelogue email I sent home from Copenhagen--which I LOVED!

Ah...pretty Copenhagen! What a wonderful city--both cosmopolitan and cozy at the same time. I set out on my own sight-seeing tour of this lovely town yesterday morning. I left the cruise terminal and stopped at an information center where a very helpful and pleasant Danish man gave me a map and circled various points of interest. He said it was just a short walk in to town. Be warned: when a Dane tells you that something is a short walk, make note of his height. They're all enormous here. Sure it's a short walk when you're seven feet tall. Isn't everything?

Anyway, I first stopped to see what has become the symbol of Copenhagen, "Den lille Havfrue" (the Little Mermaid). By the way, it is practically impossible to get a photo of her without tourists in it. But you can see below I finally managed it. Took me about a half hour--no joke. People like to climb down on the rock and get a picture while actually touching the mermaid. This annoys everyone else waiting to take photos until they themselves do it.

Next I stumbled upon Frederiks Kirke, a beautiful domed church the interior of which is pictured below. This was just a block or two away from the Danish Royal Palace which is the third photo. I just happened to be there in time for the changing of the guard pictured fourth. From there I walked a few blocks to Nyhavn, pictured fifth, one of the main canals in town with beautifully painted buildings on either side. I stopped for a very nice lunch there. Next I strolled the pedestrian shopping district which is pictured last. An interesting thing about the pedestrian districts in town--the government rezoned certain areas that way specifically to foster a sense of community for the city. What a concept.

After all that walking I took a taxi back to the cruise terminal.

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